Friday Fish Time

Common name: Boxer Snipe Eel. Scientific name: Nemichthys curvirostris. Family: Nemichthyidae.

Boxer Snipe Eel: Growing up to 1.4m long, this eel lives down to depths of 2000m and eats crustaceans. While they are quite long, they weigh only 80-400g. They are found worldwide in tropical and temperate waters.

Common snipe.

Their jaws appear similar to the beak of the bird called the snipe – hence their name.

They are oviparous which means they lay their eggs before fertilisation, and the male lays its sperm on top of the newly laid eggs in a process called external fertilisation.

The juveniles are flat and transparent and remain in the larval form and near the surface (upper 200m) for several months before descending.

They are grey or brown and have small sharp teeth.

One Comment on “Friday Fish Time”

  1. Vanessa Hill says:

    There’s a high “Ewwwwwwwwwwwww” factor for this slippery sucker.

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