Just GIF this a chance

It’s safe to say that we’re big fans of GIFs. The funny ones, the cute ones, the downright ridiculous ones. The Graphics Interchangeable Format world was one that we appreciated from afar; at home, on the weekend. We never thought that our scientific research or any strategic goal would let itself to GIF creation.

Until today.

Over our team’s morning coffee, gazing wistfully over our view of the carpark, I said, “Let’s give the people GIFs.” So here you are: A collection of the best CSIRO GIFs that will make you fall in love with our science.

Just an epic shot of a radio telescope dish (one of the many that make up ASKAP in WA).


Spot the researcher waving from the shipping crate.


A stealth robot, because we make those to monitor wildlife (among other things).


And an itty bitty kangaroo was born.


Expert use of a GoPro camera aboard the Southern Surveyor.


Yes, that’s a big door. They’re trying to get into one of Australia’s highest level biosecurity labs at AAHL in Geelong.


Real early adopters. These guys are operating CSIRAC, Australia’s first computer and the 5th in the world.


A hexapod robot. The closest our research gets to SpiderMan.


If you want more, BuzzFeed have a fantastic collection of scientific GIFs.

And just a friendly public service announcement that it’s actually pronounced jiff.

2 Comments on “Just GIF this a chance”

  1. matisidro says:

    Love the ASKAP one!

  2. It’ll never be jiff

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