How did Australia’s plants and animals get to be so unique?

Australia’s Biodiversity series – Part 2: Major Features

Australia is known for its weird and wonderful critters and plant life – the kangaroo, platypus, Banksias, wattles, emu… the list could go on and on. But how did these icons come to evolve in the ways that they did? Science can help us piece together the story.

In the millions of years since Australia separated from Antarctica and drifted north, our continent’s biodiversity has evolved mostly in isolation, while periodically taking on new ‘passengers’ from Asia.

In the second video of our Australia’s Biodiversity series, Dr Leo Joseph talks about the factors that have shaped the life we find on our continent, and how new technology is revealing more than ever:

To find out more about the major features of Australia’s biodiversity, you might like to read the corresponding chapter of CSIRO’s Biodiversity Book.

You can also review the other videos in the series.

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