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Lou MorrisseyLou Morrissey

Lou Morrissey is CSIRO’s head of External Communication. That means she likes journalists, bloggers and scientists, of course. (We hear she’s also got a soft spot for Labradoodles, but that could just be a rumour.)

Her car radio is broken at the moment, which leaves her far too much quiet time to ponder the universe. Also on Twitter: @LouMorrissey

Carol SaabCarol Saab
Carol Saab is Communication Manager for Social & Video. This means she works on the really fun stuff with really creative people. Her background is in digital media and television so the role is somewhat of a match made in heaven.

She has an outstanding ability to count the letters in words within milliseconds, useful when one is attempting a crossword. Her friends think this makes her mildly autistic.

Vanessa Hill

Vanessa Hill is the Social Media Manager and spends her days on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Sometimes she looks for ‘like’ buttons in emails.

She is the mother of a Labradoodle so naturally tweets as @nessyhill and @LunaLabradoodle. Some nights she spends a lot of time outside with a telescope, which has led her housemate to believe she’s really a vampire.


Steph Overton

Steph Overton is the Social Media Advisor. When she’s not looking after the blog, LinkedIn and Pinterest, you’ll find her in the kitchen baking delicious treats (and posting pictures of them on Instagram).

She appreciates a good pun, which apparently makes her more psychologically secure…you can be the judge of that. She tweets as @stephoverton.

Chris McKayChris profile picture

Chris blogs for our Environment Group, bringing you the latest from our biodiversity, climate and water research. He loves all things nature and just generally likes when things are wild.

He is a Wiradjuri fella and he likes to write. His favourite tools are pad and pencil, even though he gained his pen licence in 1994. He tweets as @mrchrismck.

Crystal profileCrystal Ladiges

Crystal blogs for our MMM Group. As well as being the sound you make before eating something delicious, MMM stands for Manufacturing, Materials and Minerals – think printable solar cells, biomedical devices and 3D mineral maps.

She tweets @CrystalLadiges, and you can find her on LinkedIn over here.

Michelle Beltrame

Michelle_BeltrameMichelle blogs for our Food, Health and Life Science Industries Group – think biosecurity, plants, livestock, food and health. To put it simply, she blogs on anything from the paddock, to the plate, to poo.

She’s used her communication skills to achieve her very own ‘Steven Bradbury’ moment. Despite originally being near last place, she won a long-distance running race when other competitors failed to listen to the instructions and ran directly towards a river’s edge instead of over a bridge.

Nick-KachelNick Kachel

Nick is a Communication Advisor from our Wealth from Oceans Flagship. This means he gets to write about things like killer jellyfish, sharks, and ocean robots. In his spare time, he likes listening to rap music and thinking about who would win a fight between killer jellyfish, sharks and ocean robots. Probably the robots.

Nick’s based in Newcastle, and is rather parochial of the fact.

Liz Greenbank

Liz-GreenbankLiz is the Communication Manager for our Minerals Down Under Flagship. She spends her days talking about how rocks rock. And why wouldn’t she? Minerals are in everything she holds dear – her shiny MacBook, her mobile phone and her very practical, but very cool soccer mum car, Beverley the Volvo.

While she doesn’t tweet (gasp), she enjoys a good pin now and then, and is pretty good at linking in with people.



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