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Lou MorrisseyLou Morrissey

Lou Morrissey is CSIRO’s head of External Communication. That means she likes journalists, bloggers and scientists, of course. (We hear she’s also got a soft spot for Labradoodles, but that could just be a rumour.)

Her car radio is broken at the moment, which leaves her far too much quiet time to ponder the universe. Also on Twitter: @LouMorrissey

Carol SaabCarol Saab
Carol Saab is Communication Manager for Social & Video. This means she works on the really fun stuff with really creative people. Her background is in digital media and television so the role is somewhat of a match made in heaven.

She has an outstanding ability to count the letters in words within milliseconds, useful when one is attempting a crossword. Her friends think this makes her mildly autistic.

Crystal profileCrystal Ladiges
Crystal Ladiges is Communication Manager for our Digital Productivity Flagship – think big data, robots, eHealth, digital services and wireless. She tweets @CrystalLadiges and you can find her on LinkedIn over here.




Chris profile picture

Chris McKay
Chris blogs for our Environment Group, bringing you the latest from our biodiversity, climate and water research. He loves all things nature and just generally likes when things are wild.

He is a Wiradjuri fella and he likes to write. His favourite tools are pad and pencil, even though he gained his pen licence in 1994. He tweets as @mrchrismck.




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