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This blog is designed to give a quick view about what the CSIRO and the people who work there are up to.
For more detail about anything that is on here, has much, much more information and other stuff.
We want it to be free of bureaucratic or techo speak but there will be links to papers, technical reports and other information if you want it.
Anyway, we are open to suggestions and I am sure this blog will change and  we hope you like it.
– Huw Morgan

CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, is Australia’s national science agency. With over 6500 staff in 13 divisions and 55 locations across Australia, it is one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world.

CSIRO’s purpose is to deliver great science and innovative solutions for industry, society and the environment. We have an ongoing commitment to addressing national challenges, such as in the areas of water, energy and health. Some of our discoveries are used in our lives every day and include products such as aerogard, extended wear contact lenses, polymer bank notes and wireless data technologies.

For more information visit CSIRO’s website at

3 Comments on “This blog”

  1. Scott Sandercock says:

    I live without mains water, so to compliment the water saving shower head in the master bathroom, I added an egg timer to the shower alcove that I furiously monitored (particularly at the height of the last drought) – I was even labelled the “Water Nazi” by my family because of my water saving vigilance- surprisingly, they soon got the message and showers became so much shorter. I got mine down to 2 minutes – and no-one in the office ever mentioned that I stunk – I therefore mustn’t have!!!!! Sadly, I have another shower that still has one of the old shower heads, but the message still got through (+ that shower was rarely used – only by house guests). Would love one of these new shower heads to see how much further I can take my water saving!

    • MaxB says:

      About three years ago someone on Australian ‘The New Inventors’ TV show came up with a foot pedal in his shower that allowed him to wet his body, then he could press the pedal turning the water off. He would then soap his body up and press the pedal again which turned the water back on to wash the soap off.

  2. Susan Weddell says:

    I have a bucket in the shower recess to catch water as soon as it is turned on, this is used as pet wash and/or recycled into the garden. Friends and guests are all into helping. Keeps vegies growing and water bill down

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