Family or consumer science is the study of family life, things that affect family life, and how to improve family life towards their welfare. For some women, the assumption of spending time being social activists or being active in community social activities is boring. However, many people do not realize that social activities such as the family welfare empowerment program or known as consumer science or home economic are very beneficial.

One of the things you can learn from home economics is the knowledge of how to manage income in the family and to save money and have a bright future. One of the family’s main pillars is the economy. And the main supporter in the family is how a wife can process and organize the home environment into a place that produces raw materials to be processed into food or sold directly so that they get more income.

In family life after we know ourselves personally and our husband/wife, whether their weaknesses and strengths, then accept it with willingness. If we think some things are not good and need to be corrected, try wisely so that he or she realizes and understands that their attitude until they want to correct their bad qualities on their awareness. Accept your husband/wife as they are, accept their hobbies and pleasures, and accept their family as if they were your own family. If this has been implemented properly, you will have a safe and harmonious family.

In a household, if there is no mutual respect between husband and wife, the household atmosphere will become tense and unpleasant and it will lead to unwarranted squabbles, because everyone needs appreciation and will feel pressured if they feel unappreciated, especially if it was done by the person who is closest to them such as their husband/wife.

The point is that mutual trust between husband and wife must be fostered continuously whether it is related to morals or all aspects of life. This can be done through regular, open, and honest discussions between husbands and wives so that there are no lies between them (husband/wife) and so that no problems are hidden. Show that belief in attitude and action, is not enough only with verbal expressions.

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